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aka booty call ... one night stand desperate need for sex , random sex just because a guy wants it and thinks anyone will give it up don't think i'll be your dich cushion tonight.
Don't think I'm going to be a dick cushion tonight.
by 1redcupcake August 17, 2010
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When riding in a car giving a "happy ending " on your drive .
Giving a blow job or hand job "car job" on our car ride, bus ride train ride and airplane ride... or on your snow machine..in snowy places .
by 1redcupcake December 08, 2010
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I have so much drama surrounding me right now ... "I think it is time to cut the crust off"
When you have so much extra baggage hanging on you with family , work or relationship drama, Job stresses weighting you down, money woes, losing your house you just need to "Cut the crust off" and start over with a clean slate.
by 1redcupcake April 22, 2011
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To remove a stalker, crush you didnt know wasn't just a friend because everytime your in a picture with a guy or girl they get jealous ?
I was at a party with a bunch of people and I just happened to be with a cute guy in a picture and was tagged and it posted to my profile ... now a guy that was just a friend ... I thought is all jealous and pissed off and going to fight for me ...what the fuck we went to the movies once? maybe lunch as friends. You are now "Defacebook crush"
by 1redcupcake September 01, 2010
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