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Rastafari is a religion, or ideology for some that holds Haile Selassie I, the former emperor of Ethiopia as a very important figure, usually in a religious way. They have gained fame through their spiritual act of using Ganja, which is quite unfortunate, for their is much more to the religion. It is also unfortunate that many non-Rastafarians believe only blacks can be Rastafarian, which is untrue, it is open to people of all races.

Some Rastafarians hold Haile Selassie I as Jah (God) himself.

Some Rastafarians believe Haile Selassie I is the son of Jah, the Messiah. People who follow this path sometimes believe that Haile Selassie I is the 'the Son' part of the Holy Trinity.

Many, if not most Rastafarians are technically some kind of Christian, but have a place for Selassie I in their faith. Some see him as the reincarnation of Jesus. Others see him as a God incarnate, but don't say very much about him having anything to do with Jesus. Some believe he was sent by Jah and hold the belief that the Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and Selassie I are different people, but are all Jah. Some believe he is just an extremely important figure, not Jah himself. One of the reasons many people choose one of these opinions or another similar to them is that Haile Selassie I himself was an Ehtiopian Orthodox, meaning he believed in Jesus.

Opinions of who Selassie I is vary tremendously. Most Rastafarians believe one should find out for themselves who they believe he is, possibly with the help of Jah.

A large portion of Rastafarians are either vegetarian or only eat limited types of meat, living by the dietary Laws of Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Old Testament.

Dreadlocks are often worn by Rastafarians because of what was said in Leviticus 21:5 . Others wear them simply because it has been a hairstyle for a very long time in Africa.

Reggae is extremely popular amongst Rastamen and women. One of the the most popular Rastafarian reggae composers is Bob Marley.

One should not call this religion "Rastafarianism". Most Rastafarians find it disrespectful, for they often reject many "schisms and isms".

There is more to learn about this faith, which can be read about in online encyclopedias, other websites, and various other places.
Rastafari is fairly popular worldwide, though Jamaica seems to be a hotspot.
by 1nit April 28, 2006