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Filipinos are a generally very friendly and hospitable people who are also sometimes misunderstood.

Sure, they have hardships, and they may be a third world country, but why hate on them for that? It is not like they wanted their nation to be this way........

If only you get to know them and maybe even sympathize with what they go through, you may realize that they are a very nice people who are always willing to support and care for you.

(I live close to many Filipinos, all of whom are very close friend to me, I see so many hate posts about them these days though...its just sad)
Man, I am so glad for those Filipino doctors. They are always willing to stay and care to the patients while everyone else is already going home.

I dont know why some people show racism to the Filipinos. Most of them are really fun-loving and so very hospitable.

The Filipinos held this big cultural celebration the other day, and they just invited us, even if we were'nt Filipino. We were able to get a lot of good food and they really treated us like family.

I saw that picture of a Filipino family, the one where they were standing in front of a crowded house in the sweltering heat. I just felt such sympathy. I don't know why people could be so heartless to still hate on them when the evidence of their hardships are everywhere.

Just please stop the hatred.
by 1ndifferent February 22, 2011

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