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A compact, sub-compact or mid-sized coupe, sedan, hatchback or station wagon with a generous amount of trunk/hatch space and a back seat that usually folds down, powered by an unimpressive yet reliable and reasonably economical 4 cylinder engine. The idea is that such a vehicle is uninspiring to drive, but the trunk space at least makes it good for getting groceries.

Generally speaking, a bigger (ie; V6) engine or an engine that is turbo- or supercharged, along with bigger sway bars and stiffer suspension, are necessary turn a grocery getter into either a sports sedan or a sports coupe. Without these upgrades, a sporty-looking compact or sub-compact coupe is considered just a grocery getter.
"Dude, I know you like your car, but why are you talkin' up a grocery getter?"
by 1531wordsmith December 15, 2008
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When you discover you're disappointed with the car you just bought, this is the amount of money you can expect to recover when reselling it.

If you borrowed money to buy this car, cars with low resale values can put you "Upside down," meaning you will owe more for the car than what you can expect to get for it. Cars with a high resale value will allow you to pay down your remaining loan.

Generally speaking, one doesn't normally need to worry about resale value unless they bought a car because they believed it would suddenly make them "cool."
"I bought a Honda Civic because I thought it would make me cool; but that didn't work. Luckily, it has a high resale value, so I can get rid of it and buy something better."
by 1531wordsmith December 15, 2008
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