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1. noobish behavior.
2. a noobish act or idea.
2. The atmosphere of a place inhabited by noobs
Guy1: That guy keeps team killing
(Noob shoots him in head)
Guy2: Oh my God!!! Stop this noobishness!

Noob:Look at this! I got Recon armor!!!
Guy: Dude, cut the noobishness.

I quit because the pregame lobby was filled with noobishness.
by 1337357 N008 May 08, 2008

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1. Foolishness, stupidity

2. An act or acts that classify someone as noob
1. Noob: How did you get that kill? I hit you first!
Guy: Okay I'm sick of this noobishness. I'm out. (leaves game)

2. (Noob is teamkilling)
Host: Hey cut the noobishness before I fucking boot you.
by 1337357 N008 April 20, 2008

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1. Part of a description of how you once were.

2. Said in reply to "my bad" polite way to say that it really was your own fault,
1. In West Philadelphia, that was me -Fresh Prince Gansta Rap

2. *John accidentally bumps into Jake*
Jake: My bad
John: Oh that was me dude.
by 1337357 N008 February 20, 2009

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