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An amazing example of an Irsish and a English surname hienfinated to create something so much better. While Hamlyn is derived from the Norman personal name "Hamon", itself a variant of the early Germanic word "haim", meaning home, and most likly has the same origins as the French surnames Hamel and Hamelin, and the Dutch-German Hammel, Hammler and Hammlingit. Harris on the other hand is an ancient surname that is not only English but Scottish and Irish as well, and is recorded in many spellings including Harrys, Harries, Harrhys, Harries, and Harriss. The Spelling Harris refers to Galic word for horse keeper. The largest group of of Hamlyn-Harri (as the plural is pronounced) resides in Australia, and for the most part, do not keep contact. It is a fair estemation that due to the un-commonness of the name, all those who share it are, in some way, related.
"Isn't William Hamlyn-Harris an olympic level javelin thrower from Australia."

"He sure is"



by 1 of the Hamlyn-Harri September 28, 2011
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