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When you're always beefing with each other and you're causing trouble, it's just like when you're on the road and in your car and people keep beeping their horns and causing traffic. People can't get through and it's a mess. It's just like someone talking about someone, and they argue back, and then someone else jumps in, and then someone else jumps in etc. Their causing traffic, and people can't get out of the mess. They can't get pass, and they can't get over the fact that there's traffic; just like when you're in the car and you just have to deal with it, because there's always traffic happening around the world.
When soo many people come to watch you fight and you start to realize that you're causing a commotion, a.k.a causing traffic. People are purposely being late and all people wanna do is watch, film, and yell world star.
by 0g.CrispyB July 15, 2016
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