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A customer, generally in a supermarket who stares intently at the old LCD screens made by IBM. Their purpose is to find the slightest inconsistency with posted prices with what the item actually rings up. Obviously they have no problem with a item that rings up less than what was posted, but they become outraged at the fact that a particular item rang up 15ยข more. This intent staring leave them helpless and oblivious to the outside world. Such as, lets say at Wal-Mart (where the customers remove the bags from the carousel), they just let a pile of bags form before you have to specifically ask them to break their gaze and do something about it. Either that, or they brought a person shopping to help them in these helpless stages of shopping
Cashier 1: Dude, why was that crazy bitch yelling at you?
Cashier 2: Well, I had five items ring up with a total of $1.58 over the posted price. Her total was a fucking $347.38.
Cashier 1: How could she tell? She must have had a lot of items.
Cashier 2: That bitch was a Price Surveyor.
by 0DeafMute0 March 16, 2009

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