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A private Quaker school that consists of shitbrains, lazy-ass, full of themselves, cocky, unoriginal, ass-ugly, trashy, tacky, past their glory days, and embarrassments to the high level of education...oh wait, that's just '09...
"so where are the lolcatz?" "up your asshole"

"oh so who's racing friday at 3 pm?" "no one's insecure and needs to prove themselves"

"so who's suspended this week?" "the remaining students were raised to have good judgement"

"where are the jabbaweezzys?" "we don't need a mask to be ourselves"

"where are the gold fish in the toilets?" "you killed them, Dipshits"

"is there a disco party in the cafeteria?" " a cry for attention- notice how no one wanted to join you"

"yo man party this weekend?" "just because you weren't invited since you're not in high school doesn't mean there wasn't one"

"who's yelling butt sex?" "probably '09 girls since they are/were desperate to have their cherries popped"

"has anyone taken over the world lately?" " you never will with your lack of talent and common sense"

"is it hammertime?" " hammertime only existed in your conceited minds"

"are we allowed to sit on the stage this year?" "no one wants to look at girls that look like dogs and boys that look like trolls"

"why are all the teachers bored?" "they're not bored, they're relieved"

"what happened to wilmington friends school?" " it increased in intelligence and beauty because 09 is gone"
by 09glorydays January 17, 2010

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