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A little, blue alien often mistaken for a dog or koala. He has spines on his back, an extra pair of arms, and two antenae. Is fluffy. Often heard quoting "I'm okay, i'm fluffy"
Stitch is one fluffy muther fucker you don't want to mess with. Without him, disney channel wouldn't exist.
by 07pr12 September 27, 2010

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common nickname of hermione granger in a very potter sequel.
*Harry and Ron are on the Hogwarts Express: Ron is looking for something in his bag and Crookshanks jumps out* *Cat yowling and Harry + Ron screaming* *Hermione enters and grabs Crookshanks and says: Sorry, sometimes he just crawls into the darndest places.* *Ron replies: It's okay, just next time -- OH MY GOD NIGHT TROLL!
by 07pr12 June 16, 2011

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The stupid cheese company that fucks up my god damn last name. Everyone automatically thinks it's spelled "Kraft" when it's really spelled Craft. I fucking hate it.
Sweet, a check for 20,000 dollars! Oh wait, fuck! They spelled my name wrong. It's not Kraft, it's Craft. SHIT!
by 07pr12 September 27, 2010

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