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quite possibly the finest high school institution in the united states, as well as the world. An all male school made up of the most intelligent youths a city can produce. Created in 1927, Central was destined for distinguished greatness. Although tarnished with tea-bagging alligations, the school community's resolve has shown through to the point where other schools have nothing else to criticize such an institution of learning for other than this allegid incident. The school, although all male, creates an invironment that caters to all walks of life, where gay, strait, catholic, or non, each individual will be called a fag by a fellow classmate and have his books encompassed with falic symbols ejaculating over last nights math assignment. Book checks are unaviodable and gamesharking illegal. Oakland girls are overrated because of being surrounded by scrotem for 6hours out of the day. All in all the female teachers are not hot at all if seen in normal day-to-day interaction and no school is better fit for young men looking for a college-preparatory school with a reputation of success than Pittsburgh Central Catholic. Unlike those greensburgh name stealing sons of bitches. We are the real CENTRAL and the viking is the only mascot we know or aknowledge. C.E.N.T.R.A.L whats that spell? CENTRAL! WHAT??
Central Catholic, better than your school since 1927.
by -c- September 28, 2006
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