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Stands for King Of Bellends

Basically one who tries to piss you off and act a arsehole in front of you to embarrass you.
Player 1:just because you shat your load last night in front of me!

Player 2:fuck you, you pancakeface get a life and stop being a KOB.
by ---BLEWERT((()))))--- October 17, 2006

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One who is excessive in the act of interfering.

(person 1 is happy watching tv)
(person 2 comes in and starts to interfere by changing the channel)
person 1: stop being a van dyke!

In this instance person 2 would be a van dyke.

Where it has derrived from: In Mary Poppins Dick Van Dyke used to interfere during Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins: (singing)
Dick Van Dyke:Oh its so lovely!!!!!
this would continue until the end of each song.

Van dykes: (a group of van dykes)look at that gang of van dykes!

Van dyked:(to be van dyked)he is getting van dyked!
Van dyking:(to Van dyke) stop van dyking will you!
Van Dyker:(one who van dykes)he's a van dyker!

by ---BLEWERT((()))))--- October 17, 2006

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