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This is a different spelling of KUFTA.
Cufta can also mean lacking in brain power, steez, gull-appeal, or stage presence. If you are called a cufta, and belive it to be true you must shower yourself with 12 guage buckshot for clensing.
(you must emphesize "cufta" elongating pronunciationa with sarcasm and discust at all times) i.e.
"you wack ass cufta sucking dandelion"
by - Alfred A Bearcock III June 16, 2004
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Kufta in ancient lore stems from a very troubled boy who decided instead of speaking in a educated manner, or even in toungs for that matter, that he would make up words. His peers laughed uneasily at his verbiage, but in time began adding to this strange but entertaining drunk squalor as it began to form an actual language. Weeks passed by, months even and each was highlighted with a different term for talking splash Kufta has lead them all meaning "you fucking dick cookie"
"what did you say about my 6'9 mom? Ill eat your intestines you KUFTA" (you must emphesize "kufta" elongating pronunciationa with sarcasm and discust.
by - Alfred A Bearcock III June 16, 2004
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To be thoroughly in rugg characteristics, to keep it real to the point of insanity.
Gull stems from the ancient pharaoh Mr. “Gull” Hetepsekhemwy, who may have reigned for 38 years. Sealings with his name have been found near the 5th Dynasty pyramid of Unas at Saqqara, though the tomb attributed to him was empty, it has led most to believe that he was so dope in fact that he spontaneously combusted. When his ashes were found the archeologists proclaimed “well I’ll be damned he must have been GULLY!” And in truth they were right. Since these findings archeologists began attributing their good luck to “gull” or “a gully turn of events”. When the so called “urban streets” or “hoods” got wind of these lucky cracker ass crackers, they took the word and embraced it as their own. Recent usage includes Jay-Z’s famed “feelin’ it” from the classic album REASONABLE DOUBT in where I quote “Jiggy-Jigga lookin’ gully in the joint, if yall niggaz aint talkin’ bout large money what the point?” my sentiments exactly mr Z.
"Damn that onion booty on shorty is so gull i just wet my britches. and it aint squalor." (refer to squalor for definition)
"Ever since hit that lick my bank account is quite gully, lets go buy a NBA team"
"if i was any more gully my name would be Sir Gully II"
by - Alfred A Bearcock III May 31, 2004
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