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it's suppose to mean family before anything else; however many people say the phrase and don't really mean it since they would pick their friends over their sister/brother or cousins.
person 1: hey cuz wanna go to the movies?

person 2: um........ u gon on without me i wanna chill with my friends

second example

person 1: hey cuz i really don't like one of your freinds, she was being a bitch

person 2: omg how could u say that about my friend, she is such a goood person, u probaly pissed her off or something.
by ********************* April 01, 2005
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something that is felt by emotional people. Feelings are for soft people.
person 1: damn nigga your breath stinks

person 2: why would you say that, you're hurting my feelings
by ********************* April 02, 2005
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