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punching a bitch with your fist first and then hitting him with your elbow, all in one swing.
Damn! That nigga just got 2 pieced!
by *#.. April 23, 2007
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In the game: A really good pokemon that can learn a wide variety of attacks with good stats all-around, especially attack.

In the anime: A really shitty pokemon that lost to a yellow piece of shit called pikachu.
What!?!?! pikachu actually defeated a dragonite but couldn't win against an elekid? That's bullshit!!!!
by *#.. May 10, 2007
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A well-received game released in 2001 made by Camelot. Combining an excellent story with stunning graphics, it really set the bar for a great rpg. The graphics are still considered to be some of the best on gba.
Golden Sun is one of my favorite gba games of all time.
by *#.. April 2, 2007
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