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-you going to the gym with us?
-nah i gotta shru today cause i didn’t get vaccinated and caught the flu
by ✨Twinkle ✨ December 15, 2021
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Amazing is an understatement for her. She is nice, brilliant, sharp, and is the most caring and empathetic person you will ever meet. Iris has so many hidden talents that people can't see. Even though she isn't really pretty, her personality is stunning, and her voice is melodic. It is so lucky to find someone like her. Her eyes are beautiful, her hair shines in the sun. Art and music are things she does and likes. She has a lot of friends, and is happy with them. She's optimistic, patient, forgiving, and is willing to see the good in other people.
1: Hey, I've had a crush on Iris for a while, what do I do?
2:Just go up to her, she might accept you, and if she says no, she'll do it gently. She will still see you as a friend. You got nothing to lose.
by ✨Twinkle ✨ January 19, 2018
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