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If you dated a girl named Charmaine a long time ago and you still think about her or can't get over her- You have CharMania. Symptoms include: Calling/texting her, Cyber stalking her social media, Friending/following her family or friends' social media to cyber stalk her and Continually asking her to send selfies so you have fresh material for your spank bank or to brag about the chick you used to bang back in the day.
Damn, I saw Donal jockin over his ex-girl Charmaine again. That dude's got a bad case of CharMania.
by ♡SpankYourOwnMonkey♡ March 10, 2015
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Someone who is already in a relationship and is not eligible to hookup with or get with you and/or them.
Jason: Is your ex texting you again? I guess he's already heard that you broke up with your boyfriend.
Charmaine: I think he's trying to get drafted during Transfer Season. For some reason he's ignoring the Already Taken Disqualification.
Jason: That guy's got a bad case of CharMania. I could see him wearing a t-shirt with your face on it!
by ♡SpankYourOwnMonkey♡ March 20, 2015
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