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The most important science in the world, that comes in many forms such as my favorites in order:

Quantum Physics

Astro Physics

Physics is the study of why things are, why things were, and why things will be;
it study’s the brain and why or how it thinks the way it does; it study’s string theory and how to unify all fields of physics, theoretical and the not theoretical; it study’s stars and why they create heat; red-shifting, and nuclear fusion and fission, the ever expanding universe or universes and why they might stop expanding, collide, implode, or disperse completely.

But those are the big things, if you want to get into the small things such as universes the size of Planks, things that if a atom another unimaginbley small thing were the size of the solar-system, a Plank would be the size of a tree.How we time travel every time we get in an elevator.
So people who are reading right now do you still think that Physics, and Science are completely irrelevant things in possibly toyed with lives. In this world in which time does not exist, and is just nature way of tricking people into going one place instead of the other. I ask is it really, is it really that irelavant thing in our lives; or is it something that the deceased, but greatest minds in history, Stephen Hawking, and Albert Einstein strived and aspired to understand and kept their minds open to new possibility’s like black-holes. Physics is the building block of everything, without it we would not be here.
by Ερασερ March 15, 2018
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1. Acronym for No Pants Party
or not a persons penis
Dude that’s totally N.P.P.

Dude let’s go to an N.P.P
by Ερασερ March 15, 2018
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Acronym for Positive-Mental-Attitude

Come up with by Jacksepticeye
by Ερασερ March 13, 2018
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