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completely out of it, especially due to intake of drugs or alcohol. from the original meaning, to be lost.
George: "Haha, what happened last night?"
Bill: "Man, that LSD got you fuckin' starless"
by |david| September 09, 2006
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how to spell out the middle finger on the internet
<bitch> you guyz suck the big nutz
<1337> nn||n,,
by |david| October 29, 2006
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1. a downer, upsetting, depressing

2. uncool
1. Bob: "man, my girl left me last night."
Stu: "damn, son. that's mortal."

2. Bob: "yo, george is so awesome!"
Stu: "what are you on about? that dude's fuckin' mortal."
by |david| September 09, 2006
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