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LMMO — Laughing My Mask Off

Acronym, used in social media and interpersonal messaging, modeled after the long established 'LMAO' — Laughing My Ass Off.

This exhortation was coined 28 Jul 2002 in the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, when surgical or industrial (e.g. N95 or N99) protective masks were widely in use, and mandatory in some jurisdictions or individual shops and public places.

It is an ironic variant of LMAO.
▶ Man, my neighbourhood barber shops have been closed for months. I look like Chewbacka after a three-day binge.

◀ LMMO 🤣
by [Word] July 29, 2020

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(adj.) Painfully obvious, often self-serving, in intent.

Coined in the mid-1970s in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and used by many ever since.
"He came into the pub with his big workout bag, positioned himself near the women sitting at the bar, and gratuitously told the bartender, 'Gin & ginger, please, Drake. Man, I'm worn out from my two hours of circuit reps...'

"How bodite is •that•? 🤣 "
by [Word] July 29, 2020

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