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1. Something that continues forever.

2. Mathematic concept explaining the above.

2. A very unique user name, which is rarely seen.

4. A correct spelling of "Infiniti"
1. Currently, the universe stretches infinately.

2. Infinity is the state of being greater than any finite (real or natural) number, however large.*

3. "You saw that guy? He was on the server yesterday..."
"You mean Infinity?"
"Ya, he really knows his stuff."

4. "I drive and Infinity G35!"
"It's 'Infinity'."

*Kudos Wikipedia
by [Toast]Infinity November 26, 2006

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The species name for a roleplay character, "Infinity", as in "Infinitus Algorithmae".
*Infinitus Algorithmae has joined the server
by [Toast]Infinity March 31, 2007

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