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Vampirism is the disease/ability described many ways throughout history creating Vampires. The main concept for vampirism can be someone who is drinking the blood of humans or animals, or someone draining the psychic energies of somebody else. Many sources tell of several accompanying attributes like fangs, pale skin, mild to severe allergy to sunlight, silver and garlic. Stories tell of ability to fly, shapeshift, about the need of coffins, immortality and vampires being living dead.

Many of these beliefs are myth or fiction but there lives a society claiming to be real vampires today, and they assert the following:

Vampirism is the disease or abilities related to vampires.
Vampirism can be conducted two ways. Either someone is turned (created by another vampire), or awakened (become one by him/herself in time). When someone shows the symptoms of being sensitive to sunlight, prefering to be awake during the night, having very acute senses, and instincts, somewhat resistant to common illness.. as well as having a thirst/hunger nothing seems to be able to ease, and an easily triggered 'secondary personality' the beast, who is violent, very temperamental, and impatient. V

Related to this community, vampirism DOESN'T mean immortality, death when contacting garlic, silver, or sunlight, blood tears, consumption of nothing but blood, sacred symbols are not lethal to- nor feared by vampires, they do show up in mirrors, they dont heal instantly, they are not all pale, not all beautiful, they're not all evil, and they dont live a secluded life away from human society.
A friend of mine conducted vampirism.
by [Sanguine] August 23, 2006

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turning is the intimate process in vampire culture when a vampire creates another, out of a human. contrary to the awakening, the person who is turned, gains the powers of the vampire 'sire' or 'maker' almost instantly. the process itself is kept secret in the society and revealed only to the worthy.
the turning: there are many examples, though all are different a little. some sources say it's done 72 hours after the feeding on a human, others tell the human's blood is drained and than fed by the vampire's blood.. the truth is not public though.
by [Sanguine] August 22, 2006

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