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A sports car is a vehicle made for speed, generally has a very sleek body with a very low drag-coefficient.

A good example of that is a Chevrolet Corvette, which are fuckin' sexy as hell and faster than any other 'sports' car in its 40-70k range. It weighs anywhere between 3100 pounds to 3400 if you're looking at the C6's, and has a drag coefficient of about .35. The brand fuckin' new vettes --Blue Devil/Z07/ZR-1-- weighs about 3350lbs, has an LS9 supercharged 6.2L V-8. About 620HP stock, and tops out at around 220mph. It sells a little over 100k.

A bad example of that would be a Ford Mustang. A Mustang is a MUSCLE car, because it weighs about 2 tons, (nearly 4000lbs) and has a drag coefficient around .40. A Mustang is NOT made for speed. The Fifth-Generation Stangs are just about the only attractive Stangs ever manufactured. You'll get anywhere from 300HP to 400HP depending on if and what kind of upgrades/mods you get in it.

Also, in my opinion, I think Ford and Mustang is just straight shit because Ford doesn't care about quality these days; Mustangs generally have a shitty V6 engine, and it's Ford so its Only Fast Rolling Downhill. You'll eventually pay 2-fold for all the repairs, which, with the monies you spent on your Stang, will come out to roughly 40-50k, so you might as well just buy something else besides a Ford, like a Chevy.

I hope this clears up all the bs where people compare a Vette and a Stang.. they're from two completely different categories.. srsly. I don't think Ford even makes Sports Cars.
educated bamf: stfu n00b, vette=sports car stang=muscle car kayy?
retard: ohsnap im a t@rd
by =]]] April 10, 2008

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in terms of drug usage; hitting base is when you come down off of a high. when you become sober. =o
man i jus hit base.. lemme get another toke off that shizzz

aiight i just hit base, now i can drive on home coz im drunk no mo'.

i just hit base, all those midgets chasin' after me fo mahh drawers are gone now=]
by =]]] April 10, 2008

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