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emo is not only a way of dressing its a way of living...
emo=emotional,and not afraid of expressing these emotions.
people who hate emos are just bitter and have no real reason for hating us at all.
there are so many stereotypes about emos that arent even true!

not all emos have an emo fringe!
not all emos are bisexual or gay!
not all emos slit their wrists!

people who stereotype are ignorant and they usualy have never even met any emos.

some things me and other emos i know wear:
*drainpipe jeans
*band tshirts and hoodys
*studded belt

emos usually listen to 'emo/screamo' bands like lost prophets and from first to last.
people who say they hate emo music usually havent even heard any!
they just judge it because its 'emo' and they think everything 'emo' is crap.

i know what i'm talking about because i am emo and i have spoken to loads of people who say they hate emo and when i ask them if they know any emos the usual answer is 'no' and they have usually never even listened to any emo music at all they just decided to hate emos for no reason, just to be stupid, people who hate emos are usually preps/chavs/jocks/scallys and norms even some metalheads.

emo haters should get a life
and my opinion is that emo rules!!
emohater:eww i hate emos
emohater:coz you slit your wrists and pretend u hav problems and u listen to shit music
me:hav u ever even met an emo??
emohater:no but ive heard about u people
me:ok hav u ever listened to any emo music
emohater:no, why wud i? its all shit!
me:ur just ignorant
emohater:ur just a dumb emo
by <3_laura_<3 November 10, 2006

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