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1) Latin for "Love and Death", it is a rarely used form of explaining heartache or obsession.
2) There is a possible relation to The 5 Wounds Of Christ in its origin, and therefore is tantamount to the 5 Points Of The Pentagram. However, its religious connections are vague and not 100% proven.
3) A track from Cradle Of Filth's Midian album.
4) Often this term is used to describe links to passion and death within poetry or prose.
5) It can also be used in issues of fate, wherein the love from or for someone or something leads to their demise.
1) They may have seemed well for each other, but he was destined for Amor E Morte from day 1.
2) In the throes of death all that was heard uttered from his lips were "Amor... E... Morte..." as his soul passed into Heaven.
3)Instead of harking prophecies
And how our brother sang
Amor e Morte
In the thick evergreens
Theirs was a chorus for raucous souls
Shifting shape and lifting napes
To commemorate
Erotic stains
Amor e Morte
4) Love is the peace of death and security of the grave. Love is the closest to an afterlife we can experience.
5) William's Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet may be described as Amor E Morte in it's content and implications.
by /\@/\Spyda/\@/\ July 25, 2006

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1) To be involved with sexual intercourse with the dead.
2) To show symptoms of necrophilia (to seem necrotic)
1) A necrotic night of passion at the cemetery
2) "I'd bet money she's necrotic."
by /\@/\Spyda/\@/\ July 25, 2006

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OK, this is my attempt :)

A normal definition of "fashion" would be a popular trend of clothing, music, styles, genres, etc. that may differ from time period to time period or across areas of modern society.

However, I feel that this statement, by a comedian I forget the name of, is much more suitable:
You see, fashion is like foxhunting. There's a bunch of dogs all after one fox. And chances are, there's at least one dog there who doesn't know what the hell he's doing there. Maybe got a bit drunk before work, maybe came in late, whatever. Anyway, he doesn't know what he's there for, and as soon as he hears the horn he sees all the other dogs start heading off. So the one dog follows behind the rest. And so fashion, like that one dog, is simply
following arseholes.
by /\@/\Spyda/\@/\ July 27, 2006

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