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Someone who Pretends to be something/someone they are not.

Poseur-punk will dress/act like a punk, but really not know anything about any punk bands other than that pop/punk band Green Day. (nothing wrong with Green Day)

Poseur-Metalhead(I've been accused of this... ughh...):Someone who claims to be a metalhead, but really isn't, only knows like one metal song, and doesn't even like it.

Poseur-prep: Three words: What. The. Fuck. I mean, honestly.. Who WANTS to be a prep? but onto the def. A poseur prep: Someone who acts all preppy and tries to be popular.. but really sucks at it. Hey! Guess what.. Three more words: Stop. Fucking. Trying.

Poseur-Goth/Emo: Yes, I know Goths and Emo's are different, but, I'm smushing it into one... Someone who dresses in all black and whines about their cutting, but really, when they *do* cut, they start crying and bitching about how painful it is.

Poseur-Popular kid: Someone who tries to fit in with the "popular kids" by ditching their old friends, then get laughed at, then try to get their old friends back, fail, and end up sad, and alone...

Poseur-Poseur: Someone who pretends to be a poseur. If there isn't such a thing, I'm sorry.. my bad.. oh well.. Poseurs probably have people who wish they where them. I wonder. Oh well.

Poseur-Skater/Surfer: Someone who doesn't know how to skate, but pretends they do, and spend all their parents money on Skateboards that they can't even use.

And last but not least (they're all least)....

Poseur-Stoner: Someone trying to pretend they get high every night, but have probably never tried drugs in their life, and think that smoking is the best way to die. Two words: You. Suck.

Happy Trails!
Misha:We're what you would probably call the STONERS

Alex(poseur): But I get high every night! I'm part of your clique, RIGHT??

Austin: NO. Wait.. what clique? No clique here.. just us! Go away... POSEUR!

----------------------- ---OR-------------------------------

Icca: I'm so fucking Metal and I swear too much, and I love Soccer and I'm soo good!

Austin: Stop. Poseur. YOU. ARE. NOT. A. METALHEAD!

Icca: Yes I am! Don't treat me like this! *cries*

--------------------- -----OR-------------------------------

The Misha: Hey!
Austin: Hey!

Preppy girl: HeY GuYs! LyKe WaSsUp?

Poseur-Prep: Hey guys, I love ponies and shit! I'm so fucking preppy!

Austin & Misha & Preppy Girl: GO AWAY POSEUR!!!
by 'Stin (not stine or steen) January 11, 2006

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