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this is something that emo boys do very often.
two long fringed boys grabbing each other doesnt really hurt anyone. but does affend some people (homophobes).
emo boy kissing is usually very sexy to emo chicksand emo boys sometimes kiss to get the emo chick's attention.
some emos boys (and girls) are bisexual, but not all.
example of typical reason for emo boys kissing:
emo 1#: i really love jessica
emo 2#: thats so emo.
emo 1#: it really depresses me. thats so emo. i need to show her that i like her.
emo 2#: i have the most emo idea.....
(the pair run off to public place where jessica is)
emo1#: jessica, watch this, we're so emo...
jessica: (jumps on emo 1#)
by %%%!!!DeMoLiTiOnLoVeR!!!%%% March 16, 2007

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