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A movie starring rapper Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Kim Bassinger, Brittany Murphy and many other famous actors which came out in 2002. It's soundtrack featured tracks by Eminem, Rakim, 50 Cent adn more. It's one of my favorite movies to watch even to this day.
The track listings for the 8 Mile Soundtrack are as follows-
01. Lose Yourself
02. Love Me
03. 8 Mile
04. Adrenaline Rush
05. Places to Go
06. Rap Game
07. 8 Miles and Running
08. Spitshine
09. Time of Your Life
10. You Wanna Be Me
11. Wanksta
12. Wasting My Time
13. R.A.K.I.M.
14. That's My Nigga Fo' Real
15. Battle
16. Run Rabbit Run
by $tash October 10, 2005
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Unlike decimal which uses 0-9 Hexadecimal uses 0-9 and A-F the mainly used family of bases are: Hexidecimal, Decimal, Noninary, Octinary, Pentinary, Trinary and Binary.
Hexidecimal: 190F151315030C
Decimal: 25152119210312
Noninary: 27162321230313
Octinary: 31172523270315
Pentinary: 100030041034041003022
Trinary: 221120210200021010110
Binary: 0110 0100 1111 0101 0101 0011 0101 0100 0011 0011 00
Alphabet: YOUSUCK
by $tash September 24, 2005
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Best white rapper ever. Started in Detroit by recording Infinite in 1996 which was only sold in Detroit and given out to record labels as a demo tape. Then he recorded the Slim Shady EP in 1998, which is basically a smaller version of the Slim Shady LP, released in 1999 which featured the hit single My Name Is which was Eminem's first big debut. The Slim Shady LP was his first complete album that went out to the masses, which even today is one of the best selling albums ever made. After the success of the Slim Shady LP he went on to record the Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 and it too sold millions in the first week of it's release. He then recorded the album Devil's Night with the rap group D12 and although it did not sell as much as his solo LPs it still sold more than the average album. Eminem then went to record his 5th solo album, The Eminem Show whose first single, Without Me stayed on the charts so long that it had to be officially retired from TRL. After the success of The Eminem Show, Eminem went to make a movie, 8 Mile which also had an amazing soundtrack which featured 3 songs by Eminem. Eminem's single Lose Yourself from the 8 Mile soundtrack was #1 on the charts for a massive amount of time before it finally came off the charts. 8 Mile featured such famous celebs as Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, and Kim Bassinger. After 8 Mile, Eminem went to record another album with D12 entitled D12 World which went multi platinum and featured hits such as My Band and How Come. After the work with D12 Eminem went to record his next solo album entitled Encore which also went multi-platinum. Many people complained about Encore saying Eminem has "Lost his violent attitude" and "Eminem releasing Encore has ruined his fame and glory" but I myself believe Encore to be one of his best albums. What does the future have in store for us...no-one knows but Eminem promises his next album to be his best.
Eminem is one of the biggest selling rappers ever, up in the lines with Tupac, Biggie and Dre.
by $tash October 10, 2005
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The fifth album released by rap artist Eminem which sold over a million copies on it's first day and was the first of his albums where he actually showed some remorse for the things he has said. It featured the hit Single Without Me which had to be retired from the TRL charts as it was on top for a great amount of time and showed no signs of weakening.
Track listings for The Eminem Show are as follows-
01. Curtains Up (skit)
02. White America
03. Business
04. Cleanin' Out My Closet
05. Square Dance
06. The Kiss (skit)
07. Soldier
08. Say Goodbye Hollywood
09. Drips
10. Without Me
11. Paul Rosenberg (skit)
12. Sing For the Moment
13. Superman
14. Hailie's Song
15. Steve Berman (skit)
16. When the Music Stops
17. Say What You Say
18. Till I Collapse
19. My Dad's Gone Crazy
20. Curtains Close (skit)
by $tash October 10, 2005
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