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the term used to describe someone who is Vietnamese and submissive. Generally used because Rap is a common name in 'Nam.
That foriegn exchange student is a bitchrap because he does whatever you tell him to.
by #1stunna' November 02, 2007
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the headphones created by Apple, they are the biggest pain in the ass because they will tangle up even if you are not using your ipod.
Don't ever turn your back on your ipod headphones because they will tie themselves into a friggin' knot, or bundle up like a ball of yarn in Grandma's house.
by #1stunna' December 06, 2007
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An erection that lasts for a substantially long time, in other words a boner that will not go down. Can also be referred to a man's penis that is both large and can go for a long time.
Last week I woke up and had a boner that simply would not go down, my girlfriend dubbed it the "Hour Tower" after she used it.
by #1stunna' November 28, 2007
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