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Long ago there was a way skilled musicians could express themselves about a variety of topics. Often, once famous, rock stars would use drugs and alcohol. They, however, all had skills. Sadly, this culture was brutally murdered. The horrors of modern "music" killed the fuck out of the last of real music. With the death of rock, music finally died. It has long been believed by music fans that someday a band will rise to resurrect music. This band has not yet come. As of now the barren wasteland that is now the radio is dominated by horrible demons such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and other such total failures to create music.
Billy turns on a radio
...Let's play a love game...It's the best of both worlds...How can you be so heartleesss?....

OH shit! this sucks! I'm going to go listen to my AC/DC cd's, real rock music.
by #1 Manwhore January 05, 2010
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A comedy rock band. Consisting of two overweight men, who are incredibly skilled at everything. They are super skilled at sex, often times "double teaming" women. They are awesome at rock as well. They battled the devil and won. They also stunned a shining demon by playing the greatest song in the world. They are the only band that currently plays "real" rock, using their humor as a small shield to rock as it gets continuously beaten down by the horrible computer generated music of today. They had a friend named Lee, and teamed up with Sasquatch.
Damn, are there any good rock bands?

yeah, Tenacious D, they played the greatest song in the world.

what is it?

i don't know, they forgot it, this is just a Tribute.

Oh, that's cool...damn my kielbasa sausage has just got to perform

dude, you broke the rules, now I'll pull out all your pubic hair.
by #1 Manwhore January 05, 2010
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adj. a term pseudo-intellectuals use to try and insult people they believe are inferior. Usually the so called "ignoramus" doesn't give a fuck what the person who called them that thinks.
Joe: I think you do it this way.

Jim: Oh, Joe, you're such an ignoramus. This is a much superior way to achieve these ends.

Joe:...Will you just shut the fuck up?

Jim: Um, actually, fuck means "to have sex with", so you want me to "shut the to have sex with up" haha you're such an ignoramus.

Joe: Whatever asshole, have fun on World of Warcraft.
by #1 Manwhore January 05, 2010
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