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1. A witch that survived during Medival times
2. Someone who collects hex (See hex)
3. The most usefull key on my keyboard.
Anyone who playes online games
by #1 December 1, 2003
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That's the asshole that stole my soccer ball
He is an sepehr at soccer
by #1 November 7, 2019
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Only the Greatest Film Productions companie ever!
I wish that movie could have been good like a Three Man Moviez.
by #1 April 24, 2005
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Generally added to other internet slang such as 'lol' for dramatic effect.
n00b: Dammit! I got killed again! I suck so bad at computer games.

l337: lolz0rz i just owned you!
by #1 October 25, 2003
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Variation of 'kthxbye' - the internet bastardization of "OK, thank you, goodbye".

Generally used with contempt, or for hasty exit. See also - kthxbye
n00b: Hey man whats up? You going out tonight?

l337: Yeah I'm on the way to the club right now kthxbai
by #1 October 25, 2003
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