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Term used when a black person fabricates a ridiculous story for no apparent reason, or as a stall tactic as seen in the example #2 below. The information is rarely, if ever convincing. The entire story is irritating, complicated, or consists of a confusing sequence of events; especially events that seem unnecessary or absurd, and at times there may be no discernible meaning whatsoever.
Example #1-
Simple example of nigamarole:
You hear Derrick over there talkin' all that nigamarole? What is that boy drinking? I never heard such nonsense balled up into one crunk ass story in my life!

Example #2-
Detailed example of a lot of nigamarole:
You are under arrest for....
But officer, please listen, you have to hear me out first. This is all very purulent information. I was about 5 or 10 years old and I was livin with my Auntie Sharice down on 76th Street. It was blazing hot, and I had just shimmied outside to go to the bathroom. Next thing I know, *Zap-Bam*, out of nowhere a mango tree got struck by lightning and snapped into about 37 interconnected pieces. Can you even imagine; there I was, holding my glorious junk in both hands; peeing into a recycle bin. It was awful, I was nearly paralyzed by fear. It felt like someone had put anti-freeze in juicey juice box again. So do you understand now officer?
No sir, and I don't think I ever will or want to. You are 36 years old, under arrest for armed robbery, and talking absolute nonsense about urinating in a recycle bin as a child and being paralyzed by antifreeze? And what on earth is purulent information? I have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about. Now please stop with all that "nigamarole" and put your hands behind your back.

by "Gracie" Under Pressure June 24, 2007
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