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it was this weird thing there was an ad for on the side of the page
"look. on the left of the page on myspace..zwinky"

"what is a zwinky? how do we stop them from taking over?"

"You HAVE TO bring a snack to join in the snacking. and let me tell you, it will be snacking of biblical proportions!! So forget about staying at home creating your own FREE Zwinky or fixing the in-take valve on your '57 chevy.. TUESDAY IS ALL ABOUT SNAX!!!"
A website that lags the hell outta your pc if you have more than two other programs up.
It's full of Mexicans, emos, and children as well.
#1. Eleven year old fwd text: Omg u guyz i cant wait to get on zwinky 2nite. My user iz hotgurl423724234424

#2. Emo: Omgeh, muh boyfriend on Zwinky broke up with me. /// Wrists. :((((

#3. Mexican: Omqqq . Dis ZwInKy shiiit , iht 's soh much funn. !! <3 (;
by Rosalieee. September 21, 2010
an ad on the side of your computer that looks fun but if you click it yo are screwed
Person 1: I have a bug on my computer!
Person 2: How?
Person 1: I clicked a zwinky!
by cecedefs February 07, 2015
A trashy internet reflection of your personality.
Hey guys, check out my Zwinky! I also have 5 STDs!
by Lucas956 August 17, 2007
When you want to say beautiful but uve said it to many times.
But it basically means beautiful.
Guy:You're pretty/beautifil/gorgous/ZWINKY
Guy:idk wat else to day
by laurafrommiami March 02, 2008
is when you get male sex fluids caught in your body hair i.e. pubic hair stomach hair arm hair
after hours of sex brad found that he had a zwinky on his stomach
by derek post June 08, 2007

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