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1) Another name for a marijuana joint. When its conntents are purely cannabis (without any tobacco to pad it out)
Do ya want a zute?

Other variations exist with a higher proportion of slang used. Often the offer of, or attempted procurement of a 'zute' will be reduced to just "Zute?" between friends
by James March 23, 2005
Another slang word for a joint/spliff containing marijuana
"Wanna go smoke a Zute?"
by MJAlpha January 23, 2009
zute. marijuana which it grinded so it is thinner so it is easier to smoke.
orr half or that zute mate!
by rosie123 February 09, 2008
attractive , pleasing in any way or very clear
a zute boy
by bemine_4ever July 04, 2011
means a spliff or joint but can be used when something good happens or shit goes to plan
1st man: sick party next week fam
2nd man : zutes!!!
by don1991 January 20, 2010
To be beyond retarded while intoxicated or high,
Pete: Mannnn last night we were soooo zuted,we were flying!

John: I know, i couldn't feel my feet!
by Joe [the great] June 10, 2007

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