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Microsoft's new MP3/Video player that actually is making Apple nervous. It can share files wirelessly via Wi-Fi, can play videos on a bigger screen than the iPod, charge faster and doesn't look too bad. It actually looks like it has a thumb wheel like the iPod so it can convert people to the Zune.
Slash: Look, I got the new Zune.
Torch: Oh, that. It's no match for the iPod. Nobody bought it yet and nobodys gonna.
Slash: Well, it can share files wirelessly and has a bigger screen to play videos.
Torch: And who will you share videos with?
Slash: Well...uh...stfu.
by The Mr Needles Experience October 03, 2006
A gay MP3 player built by Microsoft.
Just go look at a Zune
by kordec November 18, 2007
A poor excuse for a Zen ( the best MP3 PLayer ever). and as for sharing vids and music on the zune , hope your like in certain songs and movies only last for 3 days cuz then they disapear
Hey check our my Mp3, its a zune, it doesnt compare to zen but they were all sold out.
by 1159683 June 03, 2007
What people aren't aware of is the fact that Microsoft's Zune player is copyright protected.

You are forced to install the software, along with the Zune Marketplace, which is more expensive than iTunes.

Now, after you place all of your previous songs onto the Zune, 80% of them will not play because Zune will only recognize legally embedded songs.

So every song purchased from iTunes, Yahoo, Rhapsody, etc.. will work, but no songs from Limewire, Torrents, the Internet, etc. will!

That is the killing aspect of this crappy corporate product.

You can't share files with other people via WiFi because song tracks received from another person can only be played three times, after which it expires unless you buy it from an online music store.

And get this! Not all songs are eligible for sharing.

Record Companies can flag songs from the Zune Marketplace as non-distributal. These limits not only apply to Zune Marketplace music, but to ALL audio files loaded onto a Zune player, whether they have DMCA and RIAA protection or not.

Along with the fact that you can not play songs from a P2P Network or a BitTorrent site, you ALSO can not play songs ripped legally from your own CD that you bought, because most likely those songs are not embedded.

What you have here is a cheap product aimed at stopping the mass piracy of music, and because it's Microsoft, you can expect lots of young, mindless people with too much money buying into this product.

Go do research on other MP3 players before you jump on the bandwagon folks!
Of course within the next few months some hacker will figure out how to play illegal songs on the Zune. It IS a Microsoft product after all, very easy to hack.
by DingleChips November 20, 2006
The new MP3 player for trend followers, fad hags, and general 20-somethings with too much cash. Hopes to compete with the Apple iPod, although most intelligent people go with Creative's line of products.

The Zune can share music, movies, and photos wirelessly; but the trendy garbage most Zune owners listen to will break the eardrums of other people who have good taste in music.

You might also get hand cramps due to the controls on the side. You could also experiance the "iPod Cross-Eye Effect" in which your eyes start rolling around and around due to the circuler selection wheel.

Microsoft can't stand the fact that they don't own everything. So with Windows, the Xbox and the Zune, they can start WORLD DOMINATION!
by Lomia November 20, 2006
Piece o shit rip-off of an iPod. Get an iPod instead of a zune.
Microsoft copied Apple by making a zune.
by I'm God July 13, 2008
Microsoft's new overpriced, under featured MP3 player
Who really cares about the zune anyway?
by PunkStar July 21, 2006
Cheap I pod Knock Off.
I just bought my zune and it immediately disintegrated than spontaneously combusted. I hear it happens a lot. Piece of crap.
by Kawasaki9800 June 12, 2008

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