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When Microsoft tried to create an operating system as good as Apple's Mac OSX.

Microsoft's interface is pretty much a rip off that doesnt work.

Apple's "widgets" are not the same in Windows, Microsoft did not steal the idea in Vista... They are called "gadgets". Clearly not the same.

Apple's "Expose" and "apple-tab" are not the same as Window's "flip" and "flip 3d" they clearly have different names and look slightly differnt.

Window's new "instant search" is not the same because it is not called "spotlight", like apple. It is important to note that they are on completly different sides of the screen, apple in the top right and windows in the top left. This means they are different.

There are many more reasons that Vista sucks.
"Got Viruses?"
"Yea, on my Windows Vista system, it sucks."
"Get a Mac."
by wassssup? January 16, 2007
This product is a portable music player made by Microsoft. It was meant to compete with Apple's iPod. Among other things that the iPod does well, it is aestecially pleasing unlike the Zune.
The standard iPod comes in white or black, while the nanos (formally called minis) come in rainbow colors. The shuffle was formally white, and now silver. Notice that nowhere does apple use the color brown.

Microsoft decided to use brown on their "Zune" (where the fuck did they get the name "zune" anyway?) to make it look like a piece of dog shit to represent it's function.
Person one: "Aww shit, I think I just stepped in dog shit!!"
Person two: "No, that was my new Zune."
Person one: "Okay, now you can get an iPod."
by wassssup? January 16, 2007

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