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Where troz comes from. A saying that Pinky from TV's "Pinky & the Brain" made popular.
Pinky: "Ha ha. Zort!"
by trozzort September 02, 2004
107 12
Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tactician. Generally used to refer to anyone who has studied zombie survivalist theory. Typically refers to a member of a large web based organization known as OZORT that can easily be found on any search engine.
After killing 11 zombies, the Zort took a 10 minute break, ate a sandwich, and then killed 7 more.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
17 48
Chicago American-Italian slang for money.
Hey, yo, Mikey got some zort?
by Fecalator May 27, 2004
23 59
Pull out your iUD and see queef please.
When she queefed during coitus, pouring a strange soss of silly puddy out of her mock talker I had to give her all my lira to purchase a new lyre for her orpheus.
by alicedrea August 08, 2005
7 48