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One of the greatest text-based adventure series of all time. Infocom's most successful brainchild with incarnations still being made even today.
>You are standing in an open field west of a white house.
by Matt October 10, 2003
Trinidadian slang for being misguided or fooled into actions that may lead to somewhat embarassing circumstances.

To be screwed over. A comic description of a victim of juvenile pranks or an unfortunate moment or twist of events.
Boy yuh pay too much for that car..the man zork yuh.

Yuh thought yuh was gettin in free to the fete, nah yuh get zorked.

Yuh wife didnt cook food fuh yuh..dat is zork.
by wireless38 October 28, 2011
To zork someone means to hook them up. To give a green glow. This verb may imply the transmission of magic states, the opening of a portal to a choose-your-own-adventure reality, and/or the bestowal of psychoactive substances by a generous benefactor.
Chick's been hounding me forever so I finally had to zork her to shut her up.
by imaginary voice April 25, 2011
An extremely good-looking guy. Funny. Hilarious, even. Can be found at your local Mexican restaurant sipping strawberry margaritas with a giggling blonde girl.
Dude, check out that zork with that barbie!
by barbiegirlinabarbieworld June 07, 2009
Zork, a monster that has a huge wang that can shoot out fireballs and drools out white stuff.4kids will probably edit out the penis and replace it with boxers.
4kids Producers: " HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT A PENIS?!! Let's edit it out and put a bikni or boxers on it yes? ( >^( O_O)
by gir March 05, 2005
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