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(noun) : a type of fictional zombie; an undead person who possesses greater than average mobility compared to other, more traditional undead creatures; a zombie who runs and moves at a normal (or greater than normal) human speed. {best exemplified in the recent films Dawn of the Dead (2004) & 28 Days Later; from “zoom” + “zombie”}
"Dang, those zombies are fast."
"Those aren't zombies, man. Those are zoombies."
#zombie #zombi #undead #living dead #infected
by Adam Hunt May 01, 2006
A zoombie is a zombie much faster than a normal one. This can be accomplished through sprinting for the kill, or jumping and climping past obstacles. Due to its extreme speed, a zoombie should be regarded as a more of a threat than a normal zombie.
joe: "did you hear about billy? rumor has it he was killed by a zoombie."
mark: "nuthin you can do man... they're just too fast!"
#zombie #undead #living dead #zombies #apocalypse
by ur mind on drugs December 12, 2010
The Driving Dead.
Gary Larsen used this in The Farside. It shows a picture of Zombies chasing people down the street and it is captioned "Zoombies, the Driving Dead."
#zoombie #driving dead #zombie #undead driver #undead
by jle2199 January 19, 2011
"Zoo" a term deriving from the Greek zōon (ζῷον, "animal") And "zombie
zoombie" horses, if an animal were to be a zombie, it in turn, it would become a "zoombie
#zombie #zoombie #undead #unmentionables #resident evil #night of the living dead #george romero
by Hot Rod 87 August 29, 2010
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