West Indies term for a womans ass.
Da gyal get one fat zoom zoom! RASS!
by INFAMOUS February 21, 2005
Slogan originally implemented my Mazada to suggest their quai-sporty yet "affordable" vehicles are capable of solving midlife crises. Can be extended to non-car like objects. Use usually reserved to douchebags.
VP Jerkface: My new laptop zoom zooms.

Guy Who Keeps Things Real: Punches Jerkface in the spine.
by Andrew Thrillson March 04, 2004
The latest attempt by car manufacturer Mazda to capture the dollars of its target demographic (ie an advertising slogan). Facilitated on the tv ad by a catchy tune which repeats said words, and a little kid who does the same.
I'd rather drive a beemer.
by Josh March 12, 2004
Something that happens to lots of guys, see premature ejaculation
Last night me and Brett were gettin' it on and he zoomed, *teehee*... man I hate bitches.
by Jeremy March 03, 2004
A wanna be sports car.
What a fool driving that zoom zoom like it actually had an engine. See miata
by netteach March 14, 2003

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