Top Definition
-another word for idiot
-a lame person
That kid was such a zoog.
by zoog August 24, 2006
Another word for a Blowjob, also safe to use around females in clutch situations.
Hey Mike, she give ya a zoog finally?
by taDi June 06, 2011
zoog is a name used for a person who has blond hair, who is really wierd, and smokes alot of weed.
john: look at that dude over there!
sam: haha yea he is such a typical zoog.
by alex backler July 24, 2011
An incredibly smart person. Often to the point of being genius.
"I wish I were more of a zoog, then I wouldn't be so stupid."

"Joe got 100% on the exam. He is such a zoog."
by sDotz September 20, 2007
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