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synonymous with beautiful and talented; sister is on bones with that guy who was on buffy.
Woah, that Zooey Deschanel is a hottie.
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by H.L. November 16, 2006
Full name: Zooey Claire Deschanel.

An amazingly talented actress who enjoys, and is very good at, singing jazz as well as playing the ukelele and piano. Very stunning and definitely unique, stars in films such as Failure to Launch and Elf. Zooey is funny, quirky and smart. As a youngster she used to travel the world with her father, who is also involved in the film industry.
"Have you seen Failure To Launch?"
"Yeah! How funny is Zooey Deschanel?"
#zooey #deschanel #actress #funny #failure to launch #elf #ukelele #quirky
by Summer-Jayde January 10, 2008
Most awesome and gorgeous person ever ever.
1: Did you see that new movie?
2: No, but I want to, it has Zooey Deschanel!
#zooey #deschanel #awesome #cool #pretty
by Zooeyclaire March 14, 2010
Her full name is Zooey Claire Deschanel, and she was born on January 17th, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. She starred in several movies, such as "500 Days of Summer," "Yes Man," and "Elf." She is a semi-decent, but mainly overrated actress who likes to think of herself as some type of hipster.
Best known for her mediocre acting ability, 1960s haircut, large nose, rather nonexistant chest and booty, tree trunk legs, and nasally voice.
A: "Who is hotter, Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel?"
B: "Katy Perry all the way! Zooey doesn't have much of a body and she's kind of annoying! Katy on the other hand is very attractive and can sing well!"

A: "Who's this Zooey Deschanel chick?"
B: "She's kind of a less-hot, Birkenstock wearing version of Katy Perry."
A: "Oh."
#zooey deschanel #katy perry #hot #ugly #tree trunk legs #flat chest
by Emmett695 January 30, 2012
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