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the girl every guy wishes he could have, but isn't able to get
Bob: damnn zooey is so sexy, I wish I could bang her so bad
Joe: yeah, I wish I could have her so bad I'd give my left leg
by Matthewthegreat December 10, 2007
Zooey: a description of THE girl. Completely out of your comfort zone, but you totally dig it. quirky, spontaneous, does what she wants when she wants. is nothing you would have ever seen yourself being with cause she is so different than you, but at the same time find you two completely compatible with eachother. she listens to music no one else listens to, but it's good music. she will find you and it will be out of nowhere. she makes you nervous, excited, ancy. someones zooey doesnt mean her name is zooey. Zooey is a description of THE girl you never seen yourself with and now that it is happening it is captivating. She is completely different, in an amazing way.
"bro, I think I like this girl she's wild and crazy. She's to much to handle, but i can't get enough. She's so Zooey."

can also be used to descibe something, "This music is so Zooey!" or "that's so Zooey"
by jacob22290 November 02, 2010
Alternative to the proper name Zachary
The character Zooey Glass from J. D. Salinger's "Franny and Zooey"
by spaceagejerk June 06, 2010
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