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To Look Stoned, While Being Very Deep In Thought.
"Jen zoned out the other day in music class. Then the teacher was like 'OMG Jen, are you okay?!!!', then she snapped out of it, and she didn't have a clue what was going on."

OMG! What a ditz!
by The Zona Man January 03, 2005
1. to lose awareness of one's surroundings

2. to become drug intoxicated
I think I was about to zone out.
by The Return of Light Joker October 23, 2007
to be on that good drink and just vibin
Man I was in the club and I was sippin on that lean, Zone Out
by Gifted wun April 27, 2010
to be so interested in your own thoughts, your brain stops focusing on the reception from your senses. You only snap out of it when, 1) you realize you zoned out and subsequently "come back into the real world", 2) something happens that catches your attention, like say a major movement in front of your face, or 3) someone says your name.
When the principle came into to talk to us about Jacob running away from school on his longboard, I was so bored by that old hag that I had to zone out in five seconds. I snapped out of it when she stopped talking, and guess what I was thinking about? A sandwich.
by A-person_yay April 08, 2014
Blank state of mind
Mikey: Rikki!
Rikki: ...........
Rikki: sorry i just zone out.
by booobbbie December 21, 2010
sleeping on the job.
boss:hey man wake up!
man:i was NOT sleeping. I just happened to zone out!
by tomcon5 February 25, 2009
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