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small pieces of fried or toasted bread added to soup
When recycled sewage is added to your water supply, you no longer need to add croutons to your soup.
by yorrick hunt February 01, 2008
The drummer of the band Family Force 5
Man, Crouton's one awesome drummer.
by MooMonster June 06, 2007
Something you put in cup a soup.
Wow thats one mighty big crouton you have there.
by Darren McWilliam February 29, 2008
A dried piece of bread covered with seasonings that tastes good when you're high.
Who says croutons aren't a meal?
by IJustAteAllYoCroutons! May 12, 2004
Crouton originally is derived from the Canadian word "Crout." and is generally adopted by a select few in Lille. It is used as an insult and is generally well accepted.
You Sir are a crouton

Stop being a crouton

You are a Garlic and Herb crouton
by CroutonKing February 13, 2011
A crouton was a racist term which applied to Caucasian race. This term originated in the 1960's civil rights movement mostly as a slur used by the black population. The term referred to higher class white people who could afford to put crouton's in their salads as a status of their wealth. In rebellion, the black population labeled these spoiled upper-class white people as 'croutons'. The term may also refer to the status of Caucasians as the "top-of-society" even though they were merely cheap, vapid "re-baked pieces of bread". This term may be in reference to the phenomena of cheap croutons floating to the top of a delicious soup.
Fuck off you crouton go back and float in your soup!
by thehistorian567 February 27, 2010
French for "we dry bread and cut it up into little pieces that people like to put in salad"
Nous croutons le pain tous le jours.
by NiCocaCola November 21, 2010
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