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zombie status is the state of mind when you are so tired but yet you have to be awake either to work or for school.
dude1: hey do you work today?
dude2: yeah it sucks, i work tonight. im working while on zombie status.
dude1: wow that sucks. good luck with that.
dude2: i hope i dont fall asleep, i need this job.
by military dude June 05, 2010
1:ZOMBIESTATUS is a state of mind in which a person can only focus on Zombie or zombie related subjects.
2:ZOMBIESTATUS is similar to NINJASTATUS when some one does a task extreamly zombie like.
1: Oh man ill i can think about is zombiemovies ive got ZOMBIESTATUS bad!
2: man that guy is clumsy he has mad ZOMBIESTATUS
by ZOMBIESTATUS September 12, 2012
When someone revives an old status by commenting on it when no one else has commented on it for an extended amount of time.
Bob: I saw your Mom zombie status you on Facebook last night.

Ted: Yeah. That status she commented on was over a year old!
by HockeyMonkey44 November 24, 2010
the mental state of being SO messed up that you sit there and stare off, and at the same time your very sleep deprived. Usually happens when your blazed and drunk and you sit on the computer and drift off into space.
You need sleep bro, yer likeee...zombie status.
by DGAFn December 28, 2010

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