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zokes comes from the word "jokes". zokes, means that: whatever i said i didn't mean it... but it was prety funny when i said it!! {instead of using jks (to say u were joking) just use zks.
-wow buddy, u really suck at basketball.
-screw you man!!!
-woah! easy there, i was only zokes... just zokes.
by golsta January 21, 2008
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Combination of 'Zayyan' and 'joke'. Refers to a mawkish or inane play on words, rarely humorous.
-what's the name of ur road? wycombe road/drive/lane?
-oh i was 'close' then
by Ass January 26, 2005
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A really fucking old mean man. Also he litters everywhere. Gets rid of his sap.
"Zoke threatened to kill me what the hell."

"Yeah dude, Zoke's fucking crazy we just like to own over his ass"
by europopian September 01, 2009
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