n. The absolute sweetest girl in the entire world. A zokeedokie always makes everyone smile. Synonyms: kind, pretty, smart, talented and extremely fashionable.
When I am sad, a zokeedokie and the herd of hot guys that follow her because they want her make me feel all better. :)
by Erica December 04, 2003
Top Definition
A super-cool gal
Zoe is such a Zokeedokie!
by Hallie November 05, 2003
zoh-kee-doh-kee n.
The hottest lady ever. Everyone loves her. See (popular)
ZokeeDokie rules! Bow down to ZokeeDokie.
by Phill November 07, 2003
a wierd ass name for the coolest girl in the world who shouldnt live in ny so she can be with me cus shes the BOMB
zokeedokie, how wierd, an ugly name for a hot girl
by spencer October 02, 2004
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