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1.(N): A white person who talks, acts, prefers the same cultures and wears the same brand of clothing as most African-Americans. The word is used as a stereotype for those who are Whegroes.
(i.e.): A white (hence the Wh)person, Usually Male, Who wears clothing and shoes such as Rocawear, Phat farm, Fubu,Timberland, etc. And who talks with an African-American accent. Most of these Whegroes never go back to being white.
by Hallie January 31, 2005
A super-cool gal
Zoe is such a Zokeedokie!
by Hallie November 05, 2003
wearing socks with your birkenstocks or open toed sandals
" wow, hes so lazy he went goober style today"
by Hallie March 29, 2005
Batty a defice for Pot smoking also know as a one hitter.
As in damn man let me get a hit of that batty.
by Hallie September 20, 2004
nfl team whose fanbase feels the need to make themselves look like extras from Star Trek. Well, with intelligence like that, theres really not much more you can do but entertain the masses.
al davis makes me laugh like no other
by hallie January 07, 2004
to describe how berry college really is.
hows life at berry? berrysuckage. or... berrysuckagely
by hallie July 09, 2003
a medal given to advance gay male prospective pilots to their position.
The Gay Pride Organization is pleased to announce the arrival of the Rainbow Wings.
by Hallie December 08, 2003

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