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When you see a hot girl, you call out 'zimmy', so that you can share the love around to your mates in code to help them get stiffies.

Origin Word: Zimraan - A sexy man with a defined jaw line who appreciates women deeply
Attractive woman walks past
Mate 1: "ZIMMY"
Mate 2: "Gee wiz"
by Erotic Elvis May 21, 2016
A tall sexy man, with amazing eyes and a great personality. Someone that loves sex and to have fun. Quite when first meeting people but can open up if wanted. Out going and fun! Very sexy man
Zimmy is looking very fine today
by ticktackgirl January 07, 2010
1)noun: An ambiguously good and evil force
2)noun: a combined feeling of delight and guilt

Can also refer to a mythical make of Ecstasy that is said to be cut with opium.
Damned if I do, damned if I don't; it's a real zimmies of a situation.

This zimmies is such an upper and such a downer at the same time, it's f-ing me up!
by NadiafheGreatandPowerful October 21, 2008
The nickname for singer and song-writer Bob Dylan
"Hey did you know Zimmy is going on tour again?"
by ozzy1618 July 11, 2008
The nickname given to Invader Zim (created by Jhonen Vasquez) by obsessed fangirls who think he's cute. Also typed as "Zimmeh", with the same definition.
aw porr zimmy*steals zim and runs*i wont let her be mean to u anymore my favorite little green alien boy!its a great pic again it looks like the real show itself great job!

~actual comment by an actual person about a picture on Fanart Central.
by GalaxyDancer April 16, 2005
Zimmy Whore, a crazy punk rocker who founded and leads of punk rock band "The Time Travelling Retro Whores" knows no bounds. Giving medical science the finger but not screwing his kidneys from constant binge drinking and many experts say he should be dead in the eyes of science. Once he was shot by a mystery assasin but survived and it inspired him to write the punk rock classic "Who shot Zimmy Whore"
That guy/gal is rocking like Zimmy Whore himself

You are as cool as Zimmy
by John November 04, 2004
A Zimbabwean prostitute overseas. Often found in Vegas, Los Angeles, and London. You may want to double bag it just in case.
That toothless Zimmy gave me some good gum.

You better double bag it with that Zimmy.
by Awesomo Rock n Roll June 08, 2007
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